Thursday, 23 July 2015

Blinc Amazing Eyes Discovery Collection | Review

Recently I’ve been using (and loving) the Blinc Amazing Eyes Discovery Collection which claims to give you ‘amazing eyes in a blinc’ – what more could a girl ask for?! In all seriousness though, this is a fabulous kit which contains four products: Blinc’s Mascara Amplified, Eyeliner Pencil, Eye Shadow Primer and Eyebrow Mousse.
The Mascara Amplified is a tube mascara, meaning that it creates tubes around your eye lashes, providing them with a lengthened appearance. It’s a waterproof formula that won’t run, smudge, clump or flake. The fact that it doesn’t clump means it provides your lashes with an extremely natural look, I love wearing this for an everyday look as it makes my lashes appear naturally long and fluttery. To remove it, you just need to use lots of warm water and gentle pressure, the tubes will come off in your hands (weird at first but you get used to it!).
The eyeliner pencil is a black kohl liner, it’s long wearing, smudge proof and fade proof. The formula contains antioxidants and vitamins to help firm and condition your skin while you wear it.
The eye shadow primer offers full coverage by concealing and filling existing fine lines, as well as providing your skin with anti aging benefits. This helps my eye shadow to last all day without creasing or smudging.
The Eyebrow Mousse is my favourite product from the kit as it holds like an ordinary brow gel, however it’s tinted which means it has the added benefit of filling in sparse areas with water resistant colour. I use this after I’ve filled in my eyebrows as I do have very sparse patches and let’s face it, I’m a big fan of the strong brow! However if you have naturally thicker brows and would like a product that holds them in place while adding a slight tint, this would also work brilliantly for that purpose.
The kit also comes with a handy booklet, which includes information about each product as well as tips for application. I also like how each product comes in it’s own little metal tube, very snazzy!